Film by Alisa Melikova and Victor Alferov
Based on a play by Ivan Vyrypaev


A story of intertwined relationships of two married couples, that have been best friends all their lives. "Illusions" is a set of short life events told by the main characters in a form of monologues. Each monologue overturns and questions the content of the previous one.

“We wanted to present Vyrypaev's text with cinematic language and to serve the audience the pleasure of unexpected twists, to drive them up and down, like on a roller coaster,” says the director. Idyllic one at first glance yet falls apart like a fragile puzzle. Produced by an independent film studio USA / Russia



Project description

The film "Illusions" is created when the artistic world is paused and exists only remotely. When the pandemic hit the world, Olya Mikhaylova from NYC, asked Victor Alferov from Moscow to read Ivan Vyrypaev's play through Zoom. And we started Zoom rehearsals with two teams in two countries. During remote rehearsals, we realized that “Illusions” should be shot as an experimental full-feature film. And we started the pre-production in Moscow with a creative producer, Alisa Melikova.

Filming was in NYC while half of the team was still in Moscow, connected to the set through modern technologies. Victor and Alisa had a playback from the set and were directing the shooting, that was hundreds kilometers away from them. We established communications between the whole team, incl. operator, actors, director, etc. without actual presence on the set of the half of the team. We have shot half of the film, and we are shooting the rest soon.


Alisa Melikova, Director, Creative Producer

«Love is a lot of causeless joy, up to the sky, that you want to share with everyone»

Olya Mikhaylova, Producer

«Love is an obsession that changes reality»

Victor Alferov, Director

«Love is a trust and an inspiration in everything when you love»

© Illusions | 2021